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Suffering from...

***** WOMEN *****

Irregular Periods - Vaginal Dryness - Hot Flashes 

Tender Breasts - Chills - Night Sweats - Sleep Disturbances  Thinning Hair - Mood Changes - Fatigue

Brain Fog - Weight Gain - Decreased Sex Drive

***** MEN *****

Erectile Dysfunction - Decreased Sex Drive - Enlarged Breasts

Loss of Muscle - Weight Gain - Mood Changes - Hair Loss

SOLUTION: Hormone/Testosterone Replacement Therapy (HRT/TRT) 

Hormone/Testosterone (females: estrogen and progesterone - males: testosterone) replacement therapy focuses on replacing the hormones your body struggles to maintain at optimal levels as the body ages.

After a live person-to-person comprehensive evaluation, including saliva and blood testing, an individualized unique plan will be given.

FEMALES - For more detailed information: HRT - National Library of Medicine

MALES - For more detailed information: TRT - Mayo Clinic

Starting at $170

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